End of Term Report

End of Term Report After each four-year term for local government Councillors an end of term report is compiled to showcase the achievements over the past four years. The cover depicts a busy Tertiary Educational Centre that was constructed during the four-year term, a major achievement for this period.

Visitor Information Guide

Visitor Information Guide A joint effort between two local councils on behalf of the Upper Hunter Country Tourism group. This booklet is distributed to many regional visitor information centres and airports.

Community Profile Infographic

Community Profile Infographic This infographic is used in corporate reports to give a snapshot of the shire profile.

Operational Plan

Delivery and Operational Plan design This 300+ page corporate document is an example of page layout, photography and infographics.

Water filling station

Water Filling Station Instead of a plaque to commemorate completion of the $10m Scone to Murrurundi water pipeline, this water drinking station was installed at the local park, with funding acknowledgment depicted at the base of the unit.

Water Restrictions sign designs

Town Signage The drought of 2019/2020 hit the Upper Hunter region hard. In Murrurundi water restrictions reached Level 6 for over a year before the Scone to Murrurundi pipeline was installed.

Flying Fox “Let’s be good neighbours”

Flying Fox

Flying Fox “Let’s be good neighbours” Flying foxes are a protected species and are create for the eco-system. This campaign attempts to educate community members on these benefits.  The upside ‘fox’ puts things into perspective. PDF versions were made available to other councils where they could sub in their own logo.